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Flexible Benefit Plans


Our services include the following types of plans:

Reduce Taxes & Keep Good Employees

Good employees are vital to your business. With the rising costs of health insurance, your employees might be distracted. Keep those employees satisfy. Increase their take home pay.

Low-cost benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts make "out-of-pocket" expenses for health insurance, medical expenses and dependent care more affordable. As an employer providing this plan, the employees fund the accounts with their own money.

Less Payroll Taxes

Flexible Spending Accounts allow employees to pay for qualifying expenses with "pre-tax" dollars. This gives participants an increase in their paychecks, by lowering their taxable income. With the dollars, your employees set aside "pre-tax" you are NOT paying FICA taxes.

Once the plan is in place, we handle all the details of the plan. This includes discrimination testing, adjudicating claims, processing reimbursements and signature ready 125-5500 and schedule F tax preparation.